The Iberian lynx is the most endangered feline in the world. The total population in the Iberian peninsula (numbers from last census in 2016) is 483 individuals. 397 are in Andalucía and the population in Sierra de Andújar reaches 197 individuals, but there are new locations in Sierra Morena that give a total of 317 animals in Sierra Morena. The population has increased in the last years due to conservation mesures and the reintroduction program.

Iberian Lynx enter the zeal period once a year, between December and mid February.  During this time, males are very actives looking for females, defending and marking their territories. This is the best moment to watch them.

Last December, Ecotono Birding has been guiding in Sierra de Andújar, looking for it and have been successful. We have been lucky to observe the Iberian lynx in the wild during more than two hours. It is possible that the high temperatures registered this season have meant a delay in the lynx zeal, so we expect that the chances to watch it are still high until February.

Sierra de Andújar hosts the biggest population in the Iberian peninsula. The rocky areas and Mediterranean bush forest and good densities of Rabbits offer a high quality refuge for the Iberian lynx.

The area good viewpoints to scan the landscape and find any of the Lynx in the wild, with some patience. Meanwhile, you can enjoy many of the other wildlife present in the area: Red deer, Mouflon, Otter… and keep an eye in the sky to enjoy some of the specialities of the Iberian raptors: Spanish Imperial Eagle, Griffon and Black vultures. You can also make a walk or enjoy the passerines present in this mediterranean habitat.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Come with us to enjoy the Iberian lynx!