With Ecotono Birding you will witness the most beautiful, richness and unknown areas for birding close to Sevilla. In our half and full day bird tours you will enjoy wild nature in the surroundings of Seville.

Birdwatching and Nature walking are easy in every season of the year. We conform the tour to your requirements, birding, photography, walks, interesting species, etc… let us know what do you want and we will make your tour.

Birdwatching in Andalusia

Best Birdwatching in Andalusia


Our small groups of not more than 6 participants + 1 leader guarantee personal attention during the whole tour and the chances to see target species are much higher than travelling with larger groups. Anyways we are flexible, for larger groups please CONTACT US.

We guarantee all our tours without minimun. A tour will never be cancelled once client has booked their flights in spite of getting a smaller party of travellers.


Relaxed tours but with an extremely high success rate in finding the main specialities of every region. Further info about trip reports available on our ROUTES.

Marble Teal couple

Marble Teal a rare specie possible to see in our full day trips to Doñana