On 16th November, during a day trip Birdwatching in Doñana we were lucky to watch a Black Stork ringed. It was together with 8 Black Storks more, 3 Great Egrets and 1 Grey Heron in a water channel. Actually there’re tens of Storks wintering in the area.

Black Stork 1M86

Black Stork ringed 1M86 with others Black Storks and one Great Egret.

Black Stork 1M86

In 2nd cy the bill is not completly redish.

It has the colour ring 1M86 (white ring with black codes). After checking cr-birding, we contacted with the ringing group by email, sending all the information and we were suprised when we knew that the Stork has come from Poland! It was ringed in 2012 by Krzystof Dudzik, who was very kind to send us all the information and pictures of the bird. They ring in Świętokrzyskie (south-east Poland) from 2010 17-25 Black Storks every year. Most of recovery details come from Israel (eastern route). From Spain only 3 birds were seen (including 1M85 and 1M86, its brother!), so the observation was really interesting for the research.

«In Ecotono Birding we’re concerned about conservation and science, this is why we send all the rings and interesting data that we get in our trips to the researching groups. Is not only birdwatching-tourism!»

The moment that they were ringed in Poland. Picture by Krzysztof Dudzik.

1M86 and its brothers at nest. Picture by Krzysztof Dudzik.

But that’s not all, the Stork was seen several times. In 2012 on 23rd September in Holland, migrating south, a bit late for the species. The next year (2013) on 22nd June, Antonio Gutiérrez Pita saw the bird in Galicia (North Spain) fishing eels on a lagoon with great succes! more than 15 eels in 2 hours.

We contacted with Antonio and he sent us some pictures and more information about the Black Storks, it’s a real Black Stork networking!

He has a very nice blog with pictures from his birdwatching place (in Spanish).

Map 1M86

1M86 movements. It’s wintering 2594 kms away from its born place.

All this kind of information is very useful to know more about the migratory birds, we’re still very far away to reach all the knowledge and details about this behaviour. If you find a bird ringed with a colour ring you can check cr-birding.org and look for the project where it’s envolved.

I also copy you all the information about 1M86, the polish Black Stork who decided to spend the winter with us in Sevilla.

– Pictures on Waarneming.nl

– Blog entries from Antonio Gutiérrez 19/06/2013, 20/06/2013, 20/06/2013, 25/06/2013, 10/09/2014.