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Looking for Crested Honey Buzzards in Georgia!

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The Crested Honey Buzzard breeds in Asia from central Siberia east to Japan, but during migration some individuals cross the bottleneck of Batumi (Georgia) mixed with of European Honey Buzzards in flocks, is not easy to find them (even more when we see hundreds of thousands of Honeys overhead).

The Crested Honey Buzzard is broader-winged than European Honey Buzzard, at first sight when we see it flying between Honeys, the Crested looks bigger than Honey Buzzard. In closer views has 6 fingers (5 in Honeys). The adult male shows dark eye, “gorget”, no carpal patch and unique tail pattern with only two and very broad dark bands.

End August first weeks of September is the best season to check for Cresteds in Georgia, the first one we saw and enjoyed this year was on 3rd September on Shuamta. We’re scanning all the Honeys for more!

Adult Male Crested Honey Buzzard

Adult Male Crested Honey Buzzard


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