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Bird Migration is ready!

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From last july Bird Migration starts in South Spain. Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar) is the place to enjoy it, about 200 kms from Seville we have one of the best hotspots to watch birds flying towards África. The Strait of Gibraltar is a natural barrier that birds have to cross to reach the african continent. A challenge where wind and weather conditions are the most dangerous enemies for the migrants.

White Stork

White Stork

During August Black Kites and White Storks are coming in huge flocks from the north, September is the best month for diversity. Eagles, Egyptian Vultures, Black Storks and the amazing migration of the Honey Buzzard among others make this place the paradise for birdwatchers.

Black Kites

Black Kites

Tarifa is also a place to look for african species like Rüppel Vulture, Long-legged Buzzard, Common Bulbul…are the most atractive birds, actually, on 3rd August we get a nice raretie for Spain, a young Long-legged Buzzard. This bird suggests that maybe this it was born is Spain. It’s known that some Long-legged Buzzards have already bred in southern Spain. This one could come from some of these birds confirming that an african species is breeding in Europe! The observation was reported to

Long-legged Buzzard juvenil

Long-legged Buzzard juvenil


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