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Welcome spring!

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Already in spring time!, all the species are preparing the breeding season. Migratory birds are coming from Africa, where they spent our winter. In this moment hundreds of raptors are crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, Booted Eagles, Short-toed Eagles, Egyptian Vultures, Black Kites, Ospreys, Harriers and Kestrels, etc… as well passerines are reaching the spanish coast like Swallows, House Martins, Linnets, Goldfinches, Bee Eaters, etc…

Reaching the spanish coast

Booted Eagle reaching the spanish coast


Migrating Sparrohawk

Sparrohawk in migration

Best places close to Seville for Birdwatching in Spring are Doñana, Gualdaquivir Marshes and Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar) . Tipical species from the south of Spain are involved in the breeding season, looking for a couple and making the nests as Little Swifts or Bald Ibises. Warbles, Purple Swamphens, Harriers, Storks, everybody is looking for a place to continue the survival of the species!

Little Swift in Cádiz

Little Swift in Cádiz

Corn Bunting calling for a pair

Corn Bunting calling for a pair

Bald Ibis taking matherial for the nest

Bald Ibis taking matherial for the nest

White Storks nesting

White Storks nesting

All is prepared for the new babies and all our fields are full of activity. Birdwatching in Seville and Have a nice BIRD-day!


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Bird and Nature Local Guides in Seville. Andalusia, Spain.

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